It's About...Time
I recently had the opportunity to hear two time-coherent designs by reknown loudspeaker designer and physicist, Roy Johnson of Green Mountain Audio.
Talk about a watershed experience!
In 30-years of working with the very best tools of the audio industry in recording studios, on stage and at home, I have never experienced a loudspeaker, regardless of type or cost, "get out of the way" and let the music pour through as did these.
Despite my jaded ears, I was stunned. There was simply no going back.
Silent Lucidity is now pleased to announce its partnership with Green Mountain Audio to offer its products to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
The Calypso HD, Eos HD and Eos are here, captivating even the most critical of listeners. I look forward to sharing a similar listening experience with you.
Come hear what you have been missing. It truly is about time!
Silent Lucidity
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