Quality client service is the core value upon which Silent Lucidity was founded ten years ago. We go the extra mile before, during and after every purchase to ensure complete satisfaction for each of our clients.
The following is a sample of the feedback we have received over the years. We would be honored to provide the same level of outstanding service to you.
"Jim, you have brought me closer to the music/artist, just like you said you would.  I thought it was a marketing line, until now - after a Silent Lucidey make over, I really feel like I'm there with the performers. I wouldn't have believed the difference until I experienced it.  Now I better understand your audio philosophy and I believe that you put it into practice exceedingly well!  What you are doing at Silent Lucidly transcends what other audio dealers are doing, and by that I mean it can only be experienced, words can't do it justice! Thanks again."
S. K., San Francisco, CA
"It was really a great pleasure to meet with you.  You were more knowledgeable, kind and friendly than anyone else I met."
S. C., Palo Alto, CA
"In regards to what you do and how, I must say you do an extraordinary job of
what you do; especially in selecting equipment, optimizing speaker placement,
trouble shooting, treating your customers fairly and forthrightly, and providing the highest degree of customer service that any audiophile (in his/her right mind, if such exist) could expect.
In regard to your abilities, if you would ever would like to refer a customer
to me as a reference, I would be happy to act in that capacity. Jane also would endorse you to women who might be reassured by having the opinion of another woman."
H. C., Oakland Hills, CA
From a client to Roy Johnson, loudspeaker designer, Green Mountain Audio
"I’d like to commend you on your choice of people to retail your speakers. Jim was extremely gracious, very knowledgeable, and made us feel right at home.  It was a truly pleasant and unique experience in decades of shopping for hi-fi equipment.  There was no pressure, no rushing, just a relaxing afternoon of listening to music and discussing what weeach heard from each recording.  His professionalism does a great service to your products."
C. P., Reno, NV
Sent to Roy Johnson, loudspeaker designer at Green Mountain Audio
"Great guy -- super professional, very knowledgeable, great communication, seems rock solid.  He gets the thumbs up from me."
M. N., San Carlos, CA
"I will wait to hear from you and again thanks for all of your help and follow up. Not everybody in this business is answering the phone at 8:15PM or responding to email close to midnight! (Are you the only one? Probably!)"
W. N., Orinda, CA
"Nice to hear from you!  I was meaning to drop you a line.  We had our first
big (ie loud) party at our house.  It was for Halloween, and we utilized the
AH10 hub to play spooky music track 1 outside, spooky music track 2 in
another part of the house, the rest of the rooms were all playing the house
music.  We put a big disco ball light up in the living room in place of the
chandelier, and pulled the furniture out to make a dance floor.  Big party!
Suffice it to say, the sound was fantastic!  Many people commented, and who
knows maybe some will come your way, I passed out the Silent Lucidity contact info to a few people.
So thank you so much for your help.  It has been very rewarding."
J. F., Oakland Hills
"Thank you for all your help yesterday. I must say, your service is top notch."
R. C., San Francisco, CA
"I'm getting a wonderful education here and it is much appreciated. I've never known a dealer to go to such lengths to provide useful information, that actually makes sense.....thank you!"
M. K., West Sacramento, CA
"Once again your input has popped my system up a big one, to a whole new level on enjoyment that I'd never imagine possible. You have great taste/talent in picking gear."
D. Z, San Francisco, CA
"It's an illuminating conversation you provide, as you must know, and not a sales pitch, of course.  In this way, you are one of the most unique dealers I've yet spoken with."
G. H., Eugene, OR
"You're extremely well qualified, a good person, a fantastic listener and most
of all you care. I feel these four qualities are absolutes to be successful."
J. B., Palo Alto, CA
"Have I told you how wonderful it is to work with you on a system? 
I so appreciate how you co-operate with clients. 
1) I see that you have studied how each component is constructed, even down
to the serial number.
2)  I have watched you listen deeply and newly to known components for what
the audible differences they are making in known, reference systems. 
You always seem to listen with interest: open to hearing differences in any new system, even hour by hour as things "warm up" or otherwise change.
3)  I particularly appreciate thoughtful and expressive your articulations of the differences you hear.
And how you take into account the background of knowledge and vocabulary
of the customer in front of you and do not talk in unfamiliar terms to impress;  I find your descriptions of materials and musical difference perfect for me: and yet am fascinated when you and Glenn, our CTO type friend with his recording engineering, go into sophisticated musical and technical conversation about differences you each hear.
In sum, I trust what you hear and say, so I can move forward without endless
A / B ing to find the proper SYNERGY and emotional connection to the MUSE
that I seek."
D. S., Cambridge, MA
"I was thinking of emailing you, just love these speakers...My heart actually swells when I listen to these things, I still come home from work and forget how good it sounds until I listen again... and blah, blah, blah, I could go on and on but the music never sounded this good to me, especially in my home."
G. C., San Francisco, CA
"Well, here I am writing a 10 page paper on the first movement of a Telemann recorder sonata.  I'm listening to the various recordings of the piece through my system, which is really sounding fantastic. I think something had to settle in but it sounds amazing now.
Since I can hear every detail so very clearly, it's obvious to me that multiple performers of the Telemann sonata have chosen to put abnormal stress on the interval of the sixth, which is now the subject of my paper. You can now add improved academic success to your list of selling points! The college students will be rushing through your door."
O. M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH
From a client to a High End Audio journalist:
"You may also be interested in seeing if you can fathom Jim Volpatti’s most unusual way of doing business as a HiFi dealer / consultant in San Francisco.
Jim is extraordinary in that he has been around the music industry from the production side for many years, as a recording engineer and a sound reinforcement specialist for folks like Peter Gabriel.  Further Jim is unusual in that he is genuinely curious and interested in listening to whatever is in front of him without prejudice.
Even when Jim speculates that a component he has placed into a system will create an improvement he listens with interest and patience.  Jim has an amazing set of ears and vocabulary for what he hears, and a great gentle manner with his clients.  Jim always seems to ask with interest what others hear before rendering his assessments.  I was amazed to hear that Jim agreed that the top of the line Shunyata power cord he placed into Glenn’s system did not sound as wonderful as the lesser Shunyata powercord that had been in the system before.
How often do you think it is for a consultant to pass up a $2000 sale, in favor of candor? 
There are few people in the High End business who are as comfortable dealing with folks like Glenn Edens, whose understanding of electronics and sound reproduction borders on the encyclopedic at one end of the spectrum (Glenn created the WaveFrame, the 64 bit all digital editing system used by George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch to do the sound tracks to some of his best movies);  Jim can also find common ground with folks like me who know little of the underlying physics, but who love the music. I think I am as full of joy at the amazing folks one meets in the High End Audio world, as with the amazing music one can hear.
Anyway, Jim often brings the equipment he thinks will best serve a client to the client’s house, sets it up and listens with the client to the results.  He is very clever in how he puts just one pre-burned-in component or interconnect into the system at a time and listens to the music with which the customer is most familiar..
I am CC:ing Jim, so you might be able to contact him directly if you wish to do a bit of research on Electrocompaniet and their amazing AW 220s and a most unusual way of serving customers in the High End of Audio."
D. S., Cambridge, MA
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